Karin Prinsloo.

Karate Instruction and Philosophy.

Karin Prinsloo’s instruction in karate merges traditional and sports karate, influenced by her background in sports science. This approach aims to balance physical conditioning with karate skill development for students across all age groups.

Achievements and Qualifications.

Karin is a gold medalist from the 6th World Games (2001) in the under 60 kg Kumite category and has competed internationally, representing JKA South Africa. She holds a 6th Dan black belt from JKA, with qualifications as an A Instructor, B Referee, and A Examiner. In addition, Karin is an accredited coach and state-level referee with the Australia Karate Federation.

Career Highlights.

Karin’s karate career includes participating and medaling in multiple international competitions, notably achieving a bronze medal at the 7th Shoto Cup in Paris, France (1998), and multiple medals at World Karate Federation (WKF) events. Her dedication to karate is reflected in her role on the national coaching staff for Team South Africa at various championships.

Teaching Approach at Stirling Karate.

At Stirling Karate, Karin applies her experience to guide students in their karate practice, emphasizing the principles of discipline, resilience, and continual improvement. Her teaching reflects a commitment to maintaining the traditional values of karate while fostering an environment conducive to personal and technical growth.

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