Stirling JKA Karate dojo is a member of the Japanese Karate Association – SKC, the WA Karate Federation and an Australian Karate Federation Accredited Karate Club. Based in Karrinyup Stirling, Perth WA, the club is headed by Karin Prinsloo, a 6th Dan JKA and Graz Prinsloo, a 4th Dan JKA.

About Stirling JKA Karate

Stirling JKA Karate, nestled in the heart of Karrinyup Stirling, Perth WA, is an affiliate of the Japanese Karate Association – SKC, a member of the WA Karate Federation and an Australian Karate Federation Accredited Karate Club. Our dojo is led by Karin Prinsloo, a 6th Dan JKA, and Graz Prinsloo. We are dedicated to imparting the time-honoured traditions of JKA Karate as well as allowing students to participate in sports karate tournaments in Perth and fostering both physical skills and personal growth.

What is Karate?

Karate is a martial art and system of self-defence that originated hundreds of years ago in Okinawa but was greatly influenced by an even older tradition from China. Literally, “karate-do” means “the way of the empty hand,” referring to the fact that its practitioners use no weapons to attack and defend, but only the hands, feet, and body. Yet karate is much more than merely physical. It is founded on a grand philosophical and spiritual tradition based on Bushido and Zen Buddhist principles. Through hard training and practice, karate develops not only the body but also the mind and character.

Why Stirling Karate Perth?

At Stirling Karate, we believe in more than just martial arts training. Our environment fosters traditional JKA karate, tournament training, sports karate training, self-defence and fitness. We also nurture positive values, instilling confidence, discipline, focus, resilience, respect and overall well-being. Our teaching goes beyond the physical aspects of Karate. Karate is rather a journey of self-discovery, inner strength and resilience. With a unique blend of traditional techniques and modern approaches, Stirling Karate is a place where learning to punch, block and kick is just the beginning of self-discovery, development and resilience.

We open our doors to students of all ages, backgrounds and physical fitness levels, inviting them to join our inclusive and supportive karate family. Stirling Karate Perth offers a welcoming community, united in the pursuit of personal growth.

Karate Perth | Benefits Beyond the Dojo

Self Defence

Karate equips you with vital self-defence skills, empowering you to protect yourself. It's about understanding your strengths and learning to use it responsibly.


Engage in a full-body workout that not only tones muscles but also boosts metabolism. Karate is an effective way to stay fit while learning a valuable skill.


Karate training sharpens your focus, teaching you to channel your energy and concentration. This enhanced focus transcends the dojo, benefiting your personal and professional life.


Karate brings families together, offering a shared activity that strengthens bonds while promoting fitness and self-discipline. It's a journey the whole family can embark on.


One of the core values of Karate is respect — for oneself, for others, and for the art. This discipline instils a deep sense of respect that shapes character and interactions with others.


Join a community where lifelong friendships are forged. Karate Perth classes are a melting pot of individuals, united by a common passion, creating strong, supportive networks.

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3-5 Years Kindy Class.

5-12 Years Beginner.



Karate Perth Classes

Enrol in our diverse range of classes suitable for all ages and experience levels. We offer tailored programs to meet your needs from young children to seniors. 

Explore our offerings.

Martial Arts For Adults

A comprehensive program for adults to master Karate skills and self-defence techniques.

Children's Karate

Fun and engaging Karate classes for children aged 5-12, focusing on discipline and fitness.

Kindy Karate

Tailored for kids aged 3-5, these classes introduce the basics of Karate in a playful environment.

Karate Preschool

Preparing preschoolers for school life with basic Karate skills and valuable social interactions.

Self Defence For Seniors

Specialised classes providing seniors with self-defence skills and enhanced mobility.

Teens Karate

Dynamic and challenging Karate classes cater to the unique needs of teenagers.

Self-Defense Classes For Females

Empowerment through self-defence, tailored specifically for women.

Males Karate

Dedicated Karate classes focusing on strength, discipline, and skill development for men.

Karate Perth FAQ.

The ultimate purpose of karate is not physical prowess or the winning of matches, but the development of balance, harmony and spiritual and physical strength through strict, disciplined training. Karate schools you in natural, effortless action, and imbues you with an openness, peace, and wholeness of character that vastly enriches day-to-day life.

With members in over 100 countries, the Japan Karate Association (JKA), is the world’s largest and most prestigious karate organization, and the only legal karate entity officially recognized by the Japanese government as an association of members for the promotion of karate. More importantly, though, we are The Keeper of Karate’s Highest Tradition, the preserver of the soul and spirit of the art of karate in line with the tradition of Bushido (the way of the samurai). Our mission is to promote the way of karate throughout the world while ensuring that it remains true to the philosophical precepts upon which it was founded. This has been our mission since the establishment of the JKA in 1949.

Affiliated to the Japan Karate Association, JKA-SKC is headed by a group of senior instructors who all have an enormous amount of training experience gained at the Honbu (Headquarters) dojo of the JKA in Tokyo.

Instructors encourage all students to embrace the highest principles of ethical and moral behaviour while striving to develop excellence in karate technique driven by a strong fighting spirit and, at all times, healthy and positive interaction with fellow karateka.

JKA-SKC members are encouraged to develop the level of wisdom and discipline that ensures the appropriate level of discretion is applied before using the power within to protect and uplift themselves, their students, their families and their wider communities. 

The mission of JKA-SKC is to encourage all its student members to embrace the highest principles of ethical and moral behaviour while striving to develop excellence in karate technique that is driven by strong fighting spirit and, at all times, healthy and positive interaction with fellow karateka.

As members of society, our members are encouraged to develop the level of wisdom and discipline that will enable appropriate discretion before applying the power within for the protection and upliftment of themselves, their students, their families and the wider community in which they live.

“The ultimate aim of karate lies not in victory nor defeat, but in the perfection of the character of its participants” – Gichin Funakoshi

Who are the JKA SKC Chief Instructors?

JKA Qualifications:







JKA Qualifications:







How often should I train in Karate to see progress?

Consistent training is key in Karate. Most students see significant improvement with 2-3 sessions per week. It’s not just about frequency, but also about dedication and practice quality.

Can Karate help in improving mental health?

Yes, Karate is known for enhancing mental health by reducing stress, improving focus, and boosting self-confidence through disciplined training and mindfulness.

Is Karate suitable for all ages and fitness levels?

Absolutely! Karate is adaptable to various ages and physical abilities. At Stirling Karate Perth, we offer classes tailored to different age groups and fitness levels, ensuring a comfortable and beneficial experience for everyone.

Japanese Karate Association (JKA)

JKA-SKC (Shotokan Karate Coalition)

Learning Hub.

Explore the diverse world of karate at our Karate Learning Hub. This resource is designed for all ages and skill levels, focusing on enhancing both physical and mental aspects. From basic techniques to advanced katas and kumite, our guides cover a broad spectrum of skills and benefits, making karate an integral part of personal development and fitness.